Sit back, relax and learn how to enjoy this fantastic game in a better way!Bryce Francis, Inventor of many games.  For the game of 500, explaining a totally new concept in how to play.



This web site has been published to allow you to learn and understand a method of playing the card game 500, fine tuned by Bryce Francis over a period of 25 years, after he was introduced to the principle of calling aces before strength.

Bryce spent the bulk of his days in New Zealand and retired to Mrlbourne Australia.  He asked for the web site to be established in the hope that others might enjoy his approach to the game. 

He also published a book about this way of playing 500.  ThisPhoto taken outside his house in Woori Yallock, Melbourne web site captures only the core essence contained in the book.

Before playing ATF500 (According to Francis) on line, you should read and understand the entire content of this website.

Last Updated February 14, 2021

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