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Most players have been taught to call a hand according to its potential to take tricks, rather than call individual cards in any suit. If the hand looks strong in say diamonds, it has been usual to open the bidding with a six diamond call, or maybe even seven or more if the hand is very strong. This is done with the mistaken view that definite information is being conveyed to your partner. 

This type of calling results in all sorts of problems and guessing games. It often prevents your partner telling you anything positive. Strangely enough most players have been taught to call the joker, by calling six no trumps if you hold that card, and this regardless of any other strengths in that hand. 

However we do understand that players who call that way are at least letting their partner, and might I add, the opposition, know that they have the joker. Why definite information should begin and end with the joker remains to me a complete mystery. The joker is just another card, and important though it is the only thing it will do for sure is to stop the opposition from successfully getting a 10 call. You can get nine no trumps quite easily even though the joker is against you. You must have the joker on your side if you are to get all 10 tricks. 

Communication is the purpose of calling and I will shortly outline how you can do it very well.


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